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Journalist Shares Bizarre Fox News Headline About Sarah Huckabee Sanders--And People Have Questions

What do you think the people who run Fox News consider their most important function?

We ask because there appears to be a wing of the Fox News empire that is really, really concerned with the feelings of the Trump White House. Lauren Duca, the writer who helped turn Teen Vogue into a cultural critique powerhouse, spotted this headline. 

Is Fox providing news, or some sort of Republican emotional support group?

Note how the headline uses praying and baking to lend credibility to Sanders'... what, exactly? 

Twitter users seemed to agree that mentioning prayer was a bad move:

And did they really need to bring pies into this debacle?

The choice of language didn't sit well with Twitter, either:

Many responses zeroed in on the fact that Sanders is a public servant subject to scrutiny:

Of course, there is a rather obvious answer to the headline's question:

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