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Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call
Turns Out The GOP 's New Tax Bill Hurt Republicans And Helped Democrats

If the recently released Quinnipiac University National Poll is indicative of how the American people feel about the new GOP tax bill, Republicans may be about to find themselves in hella hot water come next election cycle. And that was BEFORE their big business donors found out they messed up the tax cut math!

Will Jordan tweeted a link to the findings on Wednesday:

Twitter users clapped back with their own prognostications for the GOP's imminent demise:

In fact, the poll found that U.S. voters, almost three to one, say the GOP tax plan benefits the rich. 

 Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll, said of the results: 

Deeply unpopular and manifestly unfit for the job. That's the harsh assessment of President Donald Drumpf, whose tax plan is considered built for the rich at the expense of the rest. 

It shows. The President's job approval remains stuck at a paltry 35%, which had some people wondering.

H/T: Twitter, Quinnipiac University