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Pictures Of Handwritten Amendments On GOP Tax Bill Emerge--And They're Terrible
5 months ago

In the wee hours of Saturday morning while most Americans slept, Republican Senators barely slipped through their tax reform with a vote of 51-49. Not only are citizens of this country furious, but so are the Democratic Senators who received the 479 page bill with minimal time to read it. If that weren't bad enough, there were handwritten notes and changes scribbled in illegible handwriting in the margins. 

Montana Senator Jon Tester went live to tell people what was going on:

As did New Jersey Senator Cory Booker:

Outrage from the press, lawmakers, politicians, and citizens flooded social media:

Out of frustration, some people resorted to jokes:

The tax bill may not have been clear, but what is clear is that people are ready to cast their votes in the next election. A list of Senators who supported the bill made the rounds on social media. 

And people are keeping the receipts.

The next step for the scribbled legislation, assuming the GOP can find someone to type it up properly, is a conference committee where a final bill will be negotiated.

H/T: Twitter, PBS