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President Trump Comments On Firing Mike Flynn--And It Might End Up Backfiring

President Trump Comments On Firing Mike Flynn--And It Might End Up Backfiring
Updated 6 months ago

On Friday, December 1, former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn pleaded guilty to charges of lying to the FBI about his connections with Russia during the 2016 Presidential campaign. Many legal experts believe Flynn is getting off with what's known as a "sweetheart deal" — an intentionally merciful set of charges that prosecutors pursue in exchange for testimony against targets higher up the food-chain. Since Flynn was National Security Advisor, there aren't many people who fit that description. Many eyes are now focused on how Flynn's future testimony might attack Jared Kushner, Vice-President Mike Pence, and President Trump himself. 

Defense attorney Seth Abramson offered the one piece of advice Trump would never follow:

Shut the h*** up. Say *nothing*. This is *bad*

Trump was clearly trying to defend himself. He accomplished the opposite.

He also publicly defended Flynn after the former security advisor was fired:

Many, including Congresspeople, believe the President's tweet amounts to an admission of obstruction of justice.

Trump appears to be saying he knew Flynn lied to the FBI before he fired him:

And if Trump did know Flynn lied to the FBI, how did he know?

Here's a timeline to put things in perspective:

Regardless, it's astounding that the President would tweet this.

Trump continues to defend himself on Twitter, but his stories aren't convincing people.

The specter of the Russia investigation now hangs over the White House, though Trump has taken to the stage to declare everything is fine. Only time will tell what Flynn's testimony has revealed to the Special Counsel, and how many people knew about the former Security Advisor's connections with the Kremlin.