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A Writer Just Fact-Checked The Controversial Video President Trump Shared--The Results Are Predictable
5 months ago

On Wednesday, President Trump made headlines by re-tweeting three videos from a British white supremacist.

Writer Flavia Dzodan was having none of it. She quickly fact checked Trump's inflammatory posts and tweeted her findings:

It turns out the boy attacking the Dutch citizen on crutches was a Dutch citizen himself — not an immigrant, or a Muslim:

Whether knowingly or not, the President is spreading a lie:

Dzodan knew it was important to spread the truth as quickly as possible:

Other news outlets quickly corroborated Dzodan's claim:

Of course, the facts didn't stop Fox News from publishing this headline:

Dzodan has firsthand experience in these matters:

When confronted by the falsity of the video, Sarah Huckabee Sanders responded:

Which sounds familiar somehow...

Regardless of the reality behind the videos, it's clear President Trump shared these tweets to skew Americans' perceptions of Muslims. In an effort to gather support among his base, he was attempting to inspire fear for a different culture, which remains despicable regardless of the video itself.