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Alex Wong/Getty Images
Democratic Leaders Promptly Cancel Meeting With Trump After Stubborn Tweet
5 months ago

In December, Congress must approve a new round of government spending despite the massive national debt that has continued to grow under President Trump. If the two parties cannot reach a deal, the government will once again shut down, putting an end to all unessential services until Congress reaches an agreement. For the past few weeks, President Trump has been set to meet with Democratic congressional leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to discuss a budget plan that liberal members of Congress might be willing to vote for. 

That changed on Tuesday, the day of the meeting, when President Trump posted this tweet:

Schumer and Pelosi didn't care for Trump's words. They quickly pulled out of the meeting:

They claimed a meeting with their Republican colleagues would be more fruitful:

By cancelling, they were sending a clear message to President Trump:

Of course, both sides are trying to claim the other is at fault:

For Politico analysts like Jake Sherman, this is a fascinating political scenario:

It's too early to tell who will come out on top...

Only one thing is certain: President Trump's Twitter continues to make an impact.

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