Head Of Church Of England Doesn't Understand Christian Trump Voters, And We Know How He Feels

Head Of Church Of England Doesn't Understand Christian Trump Voters, And We Know How He Feels
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Updated 8 months ago

The Most Reverend Justin Welby, archbishop of Canterbury and leader of the Church of England, spoke on Sunday about American Christians and their support of President Donald Trump. 

"I really, genuinely do not understand where that is coming from,” Welby told ITV’s Robert Peston.

Welby, like many Trump critics, believes the President has displayed some rather un-Christian behavior in the past and, like others, is curious about the disconnect between the values of his base and the President they voted for. 

Evangelical Christians were an undeniable key to then-candidate Trump's successful bid for the Presidency in 2016. 

The 81% support for Donald Trump among Evangelicals might need no further explanation than the reality of hard-line voters facing limited choices. Despite Trump's multiple marriages and changing stance on abortion, for many voters he appeared the only choice. Though Trump still enjoys strong support from Evangelicals, his numbers have been on a downward turn since the election. 

Preston later asked if archbishop Welby would ever meet with President Trump. No date has been set but the President has plans to visit the U.K. early in 2018. Welby said he would attend a State dinner in Trump's honor, and noted he's meet with worse people before. 

I spent years and years involved in conflict stuff around the world where I met people who had killed many, many people. Part of the job is to meet people you disagree with and to testify of the love of Christ to them and to seek to draw them into a different way.

Welby, who said he already received an invitation to a dinner with President Trump, added, "It's unlikely I'd do more than shake hands."