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As Trump's Golfing Habits Continue To Be Scrutinized, He Appears To Be Getting More Defensive
5 months ago

Thanksgiving weekend marked President Donald Trump’s 81st excursion to a golf course since he took the oath of office a mere ten months ago. And while the president continues to come under fire for his frequent pastime, he now appears to be getting a bit defensive.   

 After the President’s Turkey Day tweet, Twitter took him to task.

Leave it to Twitter users to jump on the word “quickly”: 

Others decided to call him out while giving a nod to the holiday:  

Some folks reminded Trump of his own criticisms of former President Barack Obama’s golf habits (numbering a mere 29 rounds during his first 12 months in office):  

Trump’s most ardent supporters made a few feeble attempts to defend the President’s time at the links:  

Some tweeted reminders of the President’s campaign promises:  

If Trump stays the course, he may end up clocking nearly triple the time on the green as former President Barack Obama during his first year in office.