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Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
Wishbone And Drumstick Are The Two Unfortunately-Named Turkeys To Be Pardoned By Trump
5 months ago

The annual pardoning of the turkey is upon us and this year's two lucky birds are Wishbone and Drumstick. The turkeys have been given the royal treatment since arriving in Washington D.C. from Minnesota.

The White House released a video showing the birds' elaborate welcome:

Not everyone appreciated the fanfare:

Many didn't trust Drumstick and Wishbone would make it out of the White House alive:

The jokes practically told themselves...

Others wondered if Trump would pardon the right turkeys:

The current administration has made a once silly tradition a bit nerve-wracking:

After the pardon both birds will live out their natural lives at the Virginia Tech “Gobblers Rest” exhibit.

H/T: Twitter