Sean Spicer's Post-White House Job Plan Didn't Go Exactly According To Plan

Sean Spicer's Post-White House Job Plan Didn't Go Exactly According To Plan
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8 months ago

Former White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer is having trouble securing a job as a  TV news pundit after working for Donald Trump. An Article in Buzzfeed News  by Steven Perlberg is claiming that an interview with Sean Hannity on FOX News is partially to blame. Perlberg claims in the article that Spicer met with all three major networks, CBS News, ABC News, and NBC News and none want to work with him.  CNN has also said they have no interest in hiring him.

 Spicer's decision to do his first interview, on the evening it was announced he was leaving the White House, with Hannity didn't do him any favors. In the interview Spicer spent a good deal of time essentially trashing all the other networks by saying,  

“I do think that the majority of folks now in the briefing room, that are going into journalism — they’re not there for the facts and the pursuit of the truth.”  

 It would seem that Fox News may have been the place  Spicer landed but the network also turned him down.  Perlberg writes:

“When it came time to make a decision after the meeting with Spicer, Fox News programming executives didn’t think he would add much to its current deep bench of former Republican officials, like Dana Perino and Rove, sources said. There were also whispers that Spicer’s enemies might have disparaged him to Fox News CEO Rupert Murdoch."

Twitter wasn't feeling a whole lot of sympathy for the man they feel spent a great deal of time lying to the American people on behalf of Trump.

Some people offered warning for others working for Trump. 

Some kindhearted people threw out suggestions of where Spicer might look.