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President Trump Skips Japanese Food During Meeting With Japan's Prime Minister

President Trump Skips Japanese Food During Meeting With Japan's Prime Minister
Updated 7 months ago

President Trump is not known for his love of gourmet cuisine, so it should come as no surprise that he recently ordered a cheeseburger during a post-golf luncheon meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Choosing to forego diplomacy even while dining with a foreign head of state, the President insisted on well-done American beef, along with Heinz ketchup and mustard.

Cultural insensitivity aside, foodies cringed at the missed opportunity:

Trump does not possess a great deal of curiosity — intellectual, culinary, or otherwise — and his love of fast food is well-documented. An excerpt from Lost Tycoon: The Many Lives of Donald J Trump tells of Trump saying during a 1990 trip to Japan that he would not eat "f***ing raw fish." Instead, he opted to stay in his comfort zone with a McDonald's burger.

And remember when Trump ate KFC with silverware on his private jet?

The prime minister's office put a positive spin on the meeting, posting on Facebook:

I welcome President Donald J Trump most wholeheartedly on his visit to Japan! We're getting down to business right away over hamburgers for our working lunch.

Trump supporters applauded the President for keeping it real, because 'Murica:

While others were kind of "meh" about the burger situation:

The World of Chinese decided to have a little fun with Trump's food preferences:

Staff members weighed in with menu suggestions for Trump's upcoming visit to Beijing. Some notable ideas:

Malatang. It’s the preferred take-out meal for angry netizens, and goes down well with a nationalistic rant. —HattyLiu
Pig Liver Soup. According to traditional beliefs it’s good for your eyes. And with him on Twitter and social media all the time, it will probably be good for him. —Liu Jue
Chongqing hotpot. I want to see his chopstick game with those slippery fish balls, and see if he can handle the spice. —David Dawson

And, because someone had to say it:

McDonald’s delivers. Go with that. —RFH