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President Trump's Approval Ratings Continue To Steadily Decline, And Twitter Is Shaking Their Heads

A Washington Post-ABC news poll shows President Trump has the lowest net job approval of any first-year President in the last seven decades. The poll measured approval ratings for the first nine months in office going all the way back to Eisenhower. In the case of George W. Bush, who sits at the top of the list, the net approval of +80 was largely inflated by what happened during his eighth month in office, the attacks on September 11. According to the poll, 22 percent more Americans disapprove of the job President Trump has done so far than those who approve, and the numbers only get worse from there.

Trump is the only chief executive with a negative net approval rating — 22 percent to be exact.

Of the 14 questions about Trump's handling of key issues like race relations, healthcare, North Korea, and accomplishments in office so far, Trump polled at a net negative on all fourteen. In fact, the economy was the only issue where Trump polled at only a single-digit net negative, 9 percent. All other disapproval margins were double digits. While this might sound good for the Democratic party ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, the poll also paints a grim picture. When asked if they thought the Democratic party offered viable alternatives to Trump's proposals, respondents answered 61 to 28 percent, "Criticizing proposals without presenting alternatives."

A Gallup poll had Trump at an even lower approval rating:

The poll seemed to confirm what Twitter was already feeling:

Even Watergate feels like simpler times:

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