Leaked Texts From Paul Manafort's Daughter Paint Very Different Picture Of His Relationship With Trump

Leaked Texts From Paul Manafort's Daughter Paint Very Different Picture Of His Relationship With Trump
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Updated 8 months ago

The Trump administration has been scrambling to distance themselves from Paul Manafort in light of the FBI investigation that brought numerous charges against the former campaign chairman. 

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders drove the wedge further on Monday by saying: 

Paul Manafort was brought in to lead the delegate process, which he did, and was dismissed not too long after that.

Even back in March, then-Press Secretary Sean Spicer said:

Paul was brought on sometime in June, and by the middle of August he was no longer with the campaign.

But according to leaked text messages of Manfort's daughter, Andrea Manafort-Shand, her father and Trump have had a very close relationship for nearly a decade. The transcription of the text messages between Manafort Shand and her sister Jessica, and Manafort Shand and unknown friends appeared on Huffington Post.

March 17, 2016

Jessica Manafort: Guess who called Dad last night and asked him to run his convention.

Andrea Manafort Shand: Mom told me he was going to call dad. She told me to get ready for Trump to be president and pick the position in the White House I want.

March 29

Friend: I’m not paying enough attention to really form an opinion. But yea I think economy makes sense, just hate what an asshole [Trump] is in the process.

AMS: Well hopefully my dad will help scale that back. That’s part of the reason he was brought on. He is refusing payment. Bc he doesn’t want to be viewed as Trump’s employee. Only having his expenses covered. He is involved purely because he wants to help the country and he thinks trump is best, so long as trump gets trained a bit. PS this is all top secret, so please do not repeat.

AMS: Dude he is second in command. Perhaps arguably running it. The campaign manager is all for show. [Corey Lewandowski] doesn’t do shit. Trump has been managing his own campaign

April, 7

AMS: It’s just weird. Like [my dad] doesn’t seem that smart. Like he is smart. But I know I’m smarter than him.

Friend: I don’t doubt that, he’s a master manipulator. Which seems pretty key.

AMS: He is very manipulative. I did inherit that ability. But I don’t exploit it like he does. I know all his tactics. They aren’t that brilliant but they do work.

Friend: But yes you’re right, you have a moral conscious [sic].

AMS: Like he just tells you the sky is green over and over. And eventually you are like is it? I don’t possess the ability to just lie like he does.

Friend: Yea he works his charm.

AMS: It’s confidence. When you say something unwaveringly, people start to believe it.

Friend: I mean yea that got Trump where he is today.

AMS: Yup. Perfect allies. Trump probably has more morals than my dad. Which is really just saying something about my dad. My dad is a psycho!!! At least trump let his wives leave him. Plus, Trump has been a good father.

AMS: Trump waited a little too long in my opinion, but I can attest to the fact that he has now hired one of the world’s greatest manipulators. I hope my dad pulls it off. Then I can sell my memoir with all his dirty secrets for a pretty penny.

April 12

AMS: By the way, if you want to exploit my dad to better your career, please let me know.

Friend: Are you serious?

AMS: Completely.

Friend: I wouldn’t be opposed to exploiting him.

AMS: I am on a business email basis with my dad.

Things may be a little awkward at the Manafort house this Thanksgiving.