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President Trump Is Telling People That He May Not Run For Re-Election

Without any major legislative victories to speak of and Robert Mueller's investigation into his campaign's potential ties to Russia, President Donald Trump is having a rough time lately. And he's still less than a year into his first term! It's been such a stressful battle so far that, according to two Republican sources close to the President, he's considered not running for re-election. 

This would be a surprise, considering he's already started fundraising for the 2020 campaign.

Chris Christie thinks the next campaign might not happen:

For Trump, any option is better than losing:

Some Twitter users are looking to the past...

... and others to the future.

Some people saw this coming:

Trump's first term hasn't been a glowing success thus far.

Some people think the next campaign is too far away:

Trump's motives are a little bit suspect:

The reports came from Chris Christie and Rand Paul, two former presidential candidates.

Baby steps, Mr. President:

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