Emma Thompson Explains Why She Regrets President Trump's Dinner Date Invite

Emma Thompson Explains Why She Regrets President Trump's Dinner Date Invite
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Updated 8 months ago

At this point it might be easier to list the famous women Donald Trump didn't ask out instead of listing those he did, but go ahead and add English actress Emma Thompson of Primary Colors, The Harry Potter series, and Love Actually, among many other films, to the tally.

Thompson appeared on The Graham Norton Show recently along with Claire Foy, Cara Delevingne, and Adam Sandler, and she told a story of that time she received and awkward phone call from The Donald. 

She was in her trailer on the set of Primary Colors , a film based on the presidency of Bill Clinton, when a phone she didn't even know was working rang. 

It rang one day and I picked it up and it was Donald Trump... Donald Trump — Donald Trump! — was on the other end of the phone going, ‘Hi, it’s Donald Trump here,’ and I thought someone was having a laugh. So I said, ‘Oh f— off.'

It turns out no one was laughing. It really was Donald Trump and he wanted to have dinner and for her to stay at one of his apartments.

Thompson told Trump she would get back to him:

I just didn’t know what to say. I was just absolutely astounded because how did he get my number? I mean, a number that I didn’t have.

But Thompson never called Trump back.

Reaching over and ruffling Sandler's hair, Thompson says she did regret not going out with Trump, adding:

If I had gone out with him for dinner, I could have done that [ruffling his hair]. Then we would all have known the truth [about his hair], then maybe he wouldn’t have been president.

You can watch Thompson tell the story in the clip below: