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Mark Wilson/Getty Images
New Report Claims That Trump Has Spent $1.75 Million On White House Redecorations
6 months ago

NBC reported Thursday that President Trump has spent roughly $1.75 million redecorating the White House during his time in office.

This final tally includes $7,000 on furniture pedestals alone:

People on Twitter were outraged at first:

But then they realized Trump's spending wasn't quite as extreme as the headlines suggested:

In fact, it's just slightly above average. Obama spent about $1.5 million on redecorating:

Some of the additional costs are due to recent renovations to the building's air conditioning system, which was long overdue according to professionals. Trump at one point reportedly called the White House a "dump" to a group of friends according to

Trump has denied the claim and praised the building on Twitter:

So Trump's redecoration budget is pretty normal. Another pleasant surprise: the Oval Office desk isn't made of gold.

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