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People Noticed A Bizarre Apostrophe In Trump's Tweet--And They've Got Theories

President Trump's ongoing feud with Senator Bob Corker has, predictably, inspired a bullying nickname that Trump loves to use on Twitter when referring to Corker.

I give you: "liddle' Bob Corker."

Notice anything strange about the nickname? I mean, besides the fact that the President of the United States, like your average 4th grader, feels the need to attack his "enemies" by mocking them with weird little nicknames, of course. 

It turns out there's another strange detail at play here: that apostrophe. 

Why is it there?

Could it just be a typo? Or does it mean something?

One thing is certain: grammatically, it's not supposed to be there.

This is a real issue - people are losing sleep over the apostrophe.

Someone needs to give the President a quick English lesson:

Meanwhile, Corker has commented that Trump's tweets are a hindrance to our nation.


Especially when it comes to their punctuation.

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