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#AlertTheDayCare Is The Newest Anti-Trump Hashtag, And We Can't Get Enough

#AlertTheDayCare Is The Newest Anti-Trump Hashtag, And We Can't Get Enough
Updated 7 months ago

In the wee hours of Tuesday morning, President Trump lashed out again at Republican Senator Bob Corker, who has been a vocal critic of the President ever since announcing his retirement from Congress. Corker responded to Trump's many Twitter accusations by calling the President a liar — and inspiring one of the Trump era's all-time greatest hashtags.

#AlertTheDaycareStaff, inspired by Corker's earlier tweet that the White House had become an adult daycare to house President Trump, immediately surged in popularity. The best part has been the pictures it's inspired, most of which cast President Trump as a petulant child, bucking against the reins of decency and common sense. 


The hashtag has also inspired some new product ideas:

Sleep is very important for a growing Commander-in-Chief:

So are walks:

You know a hashtag has made it big when it spawns cartoons:

Shh shh shh... you'll wake The Donald:

It's not always easy being President:

As a throwback to an earlier meme, some posted pictures of Tiny Trump under daycare supervision:

There's a lot of online bullying flying in both directions. Melania will have her work cut out for her: