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Drew Angerer/Getty Images
Republican Senator Caught Bringing Popcorn Into Meeting, Becomes Instant Meme
6 months ago

Tuesday morning, President Trump re-ignited his ongoing feud with Senator Bob Corker, who has spoken critically of Trump since his decision to retire from Congress at the end of this term.

In the wee hours of the morning, the President launched into a Twitter tirade:

Corker responded quickly, basically saying the President was a liar:

Yes, this infighting among Republicans will only hamper their efforts to pass difficult legislation like tax reform, BUT it's also hard to ignore the quality drama happening right in front of them. Just before a Senate GOP lunch with the President, Senator Thom Tillis was spotted with some popcorn to munch on during what was sure to be a very interesting meeting.

Tillis had earlier tweeted a picture of himself preparing the snack:

Twitter users found the gimmick relatable:

Tillis may not know it, but he's inspired countless popcorn GIFS:

Some argued about whether Tillis' joke was appropriate:

Then came more popcorn GIFS!

It looks like Tillis forgot rule #1:

Tillis has been critical of Trump, but some followers suggested he cut the jokes and speak out even more against the President:

The meeting was reportedly "lighthearted" and "cordial," with neither Trump nor Corker making any reference to the feud that was waging online mere hours beforehand. Trump also declined to mention Arizona Senator Flake.

Flake recently announced his retirement from Congress with a stunning rebuke of the President:

Trump's infighting will almost certainly continue. You know what that means, everyone!