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Comedian Patton Oswalt Shares Brutal Note About Donald Trump Written By His Deceased Wife

Comedian Patton Oswalt shared an old note he found that his late wife, crime writer Michelle McNamara, had written in 2004 about Donald Trump. 

Turns out she was quite prescient.

Patton and his wife publicly endorsed Hillary Clinton before Michelle's death last year, and were vocal opponents of Trump. Oswalt has vowed to publish his wife's last work next year.

Twitter rushed to Patton's side with an outpouring of support at this revelation...

Last year, Oswalt ridiculed the then-GOP nominee for claiming he was the victim of political correctness. 

"He is an ignorant, vengeful, racist asshole who is going, ‘Oh yeah, me too,' " he said at the time. "No, your shit should get criticized, because there’s no satire to it, and there’s no thought to it." 

Considering McNamara’s unearthed thoughts on Trump, it’s likely she would’ve been proud that her husband's disgust for Trump has helped distract him from his grief and how he has used in his work.

The comedian often discusses his grief in interviews and on Twitter. He dedicated his 2016 special “Talking for Clapping” to his late wife. Then, in his newest Netflix special “Annihilation,” Oswalt revealed the pain of loss of his wife and the pain of a Trump presidency.

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