Melania Trump Is Urging Americans To Help Out Puerto Rico In New PSA

Melania Trump Is Urging Americans To Help Out Puerto Rico In New PSA
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Updated 8 months ago

Donald Trump's widely-criticized response to the disaster in Puerto Rico included insulting their leaders, bringing up Puerto Rico's debt (a substantial chunk of which he caused directly with a failed business venture whose debt he saddled the people of the island with), failure to suspend the Jones act so relief could make it there more quickly and efficiently, and threatening to pull relief efforts. Melania Trump's most recent PSA seems a bit odd and out of place. She released a 30-second spot recorded in conjunction with FEMA, urging people to donate to disaster relief for the tiny island.

Press play to watch the First Lady's PSA for yourself:

Some of the comments on the video were beyond awful: 

The user name/comment dissonance here is staggering:

The spot has made its rounds all over the internet and people seem to have the same general response: 

"Um... what about Donald?" 

One person took a shot at Trump's recent flubs, where he evidently did not know HE was the president of these places:

Glamour Magazine went with this tweet about it: 

Which prompted this response...

... and this one:

Several people had suggestions for ways Melania could raise money:

There was no way people were going to ignore the hypocrisy they were seeing:

People went in hard with their picture and GIF responses:

Marie summed up pretty precisely how people were feeling: