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Anthony Scaramucci Takes Down Tone-Deaf Twitter Poll About Holocaust Amid Outcry

When it comes to career opportunities, former investment banker Anthony Scaramucci seems to be making headway. After a bizarre ten-day guest appearance as White House Press Secretary, Scaramucci embarked on a new venture called the Scaramucci Post. Launched October 2, the Scaramucci Post is allegedly a "centrist" news media outlet.

This recent Twitter post made a sharp veer toward the so-called "alt-right":

Twitter users believed the poll was tantamount to Holocaust denial:

Not long after the backlash, Scaramucci took full responsibility for the poll:

And then immediately backpedaled:

He later posted a detailed public apology and announced a donation:

One person suggested a more appropriate gift:

And another person questioned the organizational structure of the Post:

The simple answer might be that Scaramucci himself doesn't know:

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