Trump Tells Puerto Rico That Federal Aid Can't Stay "Forever" In Early Morning Tweets

Trump Tells Puerto Rico That Federal Aid Can't Stay "Forever" In Early Morning Tweets
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Updated 8 months ago

It's been three weeks since Hurricane Maria pummeled Puerto Rico. Most residents are still without running water and electricity. Hospitals continue to run short on medicine and supplies, and most businesses remain closed. The death toll has risen to 45, with speculation that the number is much higher. 

Donald Trump took to twitter on Thursday and sent this message to Puerto Rico:

The reaction was swift and furious. Many political leaders lashed out at Trump's lack of leadership and empathy for U.S. citizens in crisis:

New York Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez slammed Trump and gave him a much-needed history lesson:

Now This posted a video showing the disparity in how Trump speaks about Texas and Florida compared to Puerto Rico:

Mother Jones asked why there are different standards for Puerto Rico and Texas:

Twitter users new the answer:

Puerto Rican Governor Ricardo Rosselló, whom Trump has praised in the past, had this to say:

Rosselló called the White House after Trump posted the tweets to get clarification that the Federal Government would continue to provide aid. 

In  an interview with HuffPost, Rosselló said:

The Stafford Act is very clear that once FEMA enters into a natural disaster such as this, they’re not leaving until the actions have been taken. I further spoke to the White House because I wanted clarity. I spoke to Gen. Kelly, and he reiterated that they were going to be here for Puerto Rico for the long haul.

It seems that, once again, what is being said at the White House and what is being blasted on Donald Trump's Twitter feed don't mesh.