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House Democrats Pen Scathing Letter In Opposition To Trump's Transgender Military Ban
6 months ago

More than a hundred Democrats from the House of Representatives co-signed a letter to the Pentagon, trying to gauge what role the Department of Defense had in President Trump's decision to bar transgender individuals from the military. Trump first announced the policy change on Twitter, citing input from generals and military experts, as well as "tremendous medical costs and disruption" that transgender troops would allegedly cause.

Trump announced his July decision in a series of tweets:

Trump's tweets, followed by a Presidential memo, reportedly came as a surprise to the Department of Defense — despite the President's insistence that they were involved.

Now, House Democrats think Trump has some explaining to do:

The letter requests proof of correspondence between the White House and the Pentagon:

We seek access to these materials in order to determine whether the president, his national security team, and military leaders are actively coordinating policy with one another, or whether the president’s transgender ban announcement reflected a breakdown in communication. As you know, clear communication between the White House and the Pentagon is essential to our nation’s security.

Virginia Rep. Donald McEachin, who is leading the efforts, said in a press release:

We seek information to discover the proof of where and when the Pentagon advised the president that this was the best idea for our country. If there is proof then we can evaluate that, if there is no proof then the President lied to the American people once again.

People spoke out in support of the House Democrats' efforts: