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Win McNamee/Getty Images
Donald Trump Challenges Rex Tillerson To An 'IQ Test' Face-Off

Rumors have been circling around Washington that in a private meeting, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson referred to his boss, Donald Trump, as a "f***ing moron," insulting his intelligence and demeanor as President. In response, the President did what any President would do - challenged his own senior advisor to an IQ test and bragged he would win.

The statement was a little bit silly to say the least:

On Twitter, many were eager to watch the "IQ Challenge" live on TV:

How could this actually happen?

Maybe Trump has a higher score than we think, however:

Then again...

A test will probably never happen. But that's not stopping people from wanting it:

Of course, there's a dark underside to Trump's words:

The White House is due for some friendly competition:

This whole situation is going to make for some awkward meals:

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