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Trump Makes Twitter Digs At 'Liddle' Bob Corker Over Times Interview

Trump Makes Twitter Digs At 'Liddle' Bob Corker Over Times Interview
7 months ago

Senator Bob Corker (the Republican chairman of the Senate's Committee on Foreign Relations) has decided to resign at the end of his current term. Perhaps this has given him the sense of freedom other Republicans can only aspire to - in the past week or so, Corker has become one of Trump's harshest critics, and claims to speak for many Congresspeople who are repeatedly frustrated by the President's actions.

Never one to face criticism with grace, the President responded on Twitter by saying that Corker was tricked into recording his conversation:

This was quickly proven a baseless lie:

Many are wondering why the President is pushing Corker away right when he needs his vote on important issues like tax reform:

On his end, Corker is sick of the President tweeting lies to the American people:

Apparently, his staff is on the ball:

In his tweet, Trump seemed to be mocking Corker's stature, an interesting choice for the most powerful man in the world:

Corker is now one of Trump's most outspoken critics:

A quick reminder that while Trump obsesses over petty feuds, there's serious work to be done:

That having been said, Twitter also has some questions:

Corker's feud with President Trump has escalated since the publication of his interview with the New York Times. If what he said is true, America is in a precarious situation indeed.