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Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images
People Have Questions About Mike Pence's Publicized NFL 'Counter-Protest'

On Sunday, Vice President Mike Pence arrived in Indianapolis  for a Colts-49ers game.

Pence tweeted about how excited he was to watch some football:

As soon as several 49ers knelt during the national anthem, Pence promptly left the stadium:

President Trump has praised Pence's exit, and admitted they had discussed it beforehand:

Knowing several 49ers kneel before every game, it's hard not to see Pence's visit as a political stunt:

CNN's Jake Tapper laid out the entire scenario:

Taxpayers are wondering how much of their money funded the walk-out:

Wasn't there just a travel related scandal, or am I imagining things?

Some sleuths have been calculating the cost of Pence's visit:

It turns out even the photo Pence tweeted was from several years ago:

Though some don't think that really matters:

This meme sums it up nicely:

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