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President Trump Makes Fun Of Puerto Rican Accents To Honor Hispanic Heritage Month
7 months ago

Hispanic Heritage Month, celebrated annually from September 15 to October 15, is a time to recognize contributions Hispanic and Latino Americans have made to U.S. culture. During a speech to mark the occasion, President Trump affected an exaggerated accent while saying the country's name. No, seriously.

Someone forgot to tell the President that "honoring" and "mocking" are not the same:

Twitter users responded with appropriate outrage:

Some people were speechless:

I mean, this is unacceptable behavior for ANYONE, let alone a President:

Americans are embarrassed again. Or still. Whatever. It's horrifying:

Mr. President, what were you thinking?!

Some noticed Melania looking a little uncomfortable in the background:

Remember, the speech was supposed to celebrate Hispanic Heritage:

Twitter has a message for the President: