President Trump Just Defended Melania's Choice To Wear Stilettos

President Trump Just Defended Melania's Choice To Wear Stilettos
Updated 8 months ago

Donald Trump came to defend Melania in an interview with former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee for his new TBN show.

In case you missed it, the First Lady traveled in five-inch stilettos en route to Corpus Christi, Texas, to tour the devastation in the wake of Hurricane Harvey, and the public had a yuge problem with her choice of footwear.

Despite Melania changing into comfortable sneakers prior to landing, Donald Trump noted that the FLOTUS wanted to "look good" leaving the White House. Trump told Huckabee:

She doesn't need to be adored by people, but she does like to help people. And she sees how important it is. And she's taken tremendous abuse. So she dresses up, and she puts on formal shoes, high heels, and she leaves the White House going to Texas, or going to wherever we want to go — Florida, actually twice. So walking through that front door, she did. Now, she has sneakers in the meantime with her so she can change into other clothing when we're walking through where a hurricane is just leaving, and she took tremendous abuse.

Here are some examples of that "tremendous abuse":

Some didn't care about the fashion faux pas and were concerned about more pressing matters:

But the fashion statement still said something:

Even Trevor Noah defended Melania from all the fuss over her fancy pumps.

People weren't talking about the nuclear missile that Kim Jong-un tested, because Melania Trump apparently did something much worse. She went to Houston wearing high heels. Here’s the thing, I don’t know why anyone should care what anyone wears when they’re on their way to help people. Who cares?

Trump told Huckabee that not all were offended by Melania's shoes:

But the good news is that the people understand it – I was making a speech, and women were holding up — 'we love your stilettos.' They really do love her. And she's a good person.

Watch an excerpt from the Huckabee interview, which will air Saturday on the Trinity Broadcasting Network: