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Tom Pennington/Getty Images
Pew Research Center Shares List Of Actual Things Americans Are Saying About Trump
7 months ago

Pew Research Center conducted a poll to gauge Americans' feelings about President Trump. Responses to one open-ended question indicated:

46% of Republicans expressed mixed feelings, while 19% say they do not like his conduct; 34% say they like the way he conducts himself as president. Among Democrats, 89% have a negative view of Trump’s conduct.

The main concern on both sides seems to be Trump's personality:

Among the topics covered in the poll, ranging from Trump's temper, policies, and intelligence, another major point of agreement gathered indicated that Trump's Twitter use is a major concern as well. 

One 30-year-old man who approves of Trump stated, "I wish he would stop tweeting," while a 63-year-old woman supporter elaborated saying, "his constant, immature tweets make him sound like a twit and just provide ammunition for the opposition."

Twitter users were ready to analyze the results and share their own thoughts:

The total sample from the poll cited 1,893 participants, 798 who identify as Republican and 966 who identify as Democratic. Showing that Trump is losing Americans' confidence, even from his supporters.