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Astronauts Just Teamed Up To Shut Down A Flat-Earth Conspiracy Theorist On Twitter

Like uncontacted tribes in the Amazon or the living grandchildren of President John Tyler it's surprising this day and age to find out some people still exist. For instance, those who still believe the earth is flat. 

Back in September Rapper B.o.B. started a Go Fund Me campaign called Show B.o.B. The Curve, with a goal of $200,000 to "Help support B.o.B purchase and launch multiple weather balloons and satellites into space." After a trickle of donations B.o.B. ambitiously raised the donation goal to $1 million but consensus seems to remain that B.o.B. can go fund himself.  Maybe someone will show B.o.B. a text book. 

Amazingly B.o.B. is not alone.

Three NASA astronauts however took it upon themselves to show B.o.B. the curve and then show B.o.B the door. 

Buzz Aldrin himself decide to join in. 

Surprisingly this is not the first science intervention B.o.B. has had. Last year Neil deGrasse Tyson also tried to help B.o.B. 

B.o.B Was unconvinced though and later released a diss track about Tyson titled Flatline. 

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