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President Trump Tried Dedicating A Golf Trophy To Hurricane Victims--It Didn't Go Well
8 months ago

While the people of Puerto Rico faced another day without electricity, clean water, or food on Sunday, President Trump was busy watching golf.

When the Americans emerged triumphant at the Presidents Cup golf tournament held at Liberty National Golf Course in Jersey City, New Jersey, Trump was on hand to award the trophy.

Presumably because he knew how bad it looked that he appeared more concerned with a golf tournament than the lives of millions of his fellow Americans, Trump made a short speech dedicating the trophy to the victims of the recent hurricanes.

He told the crowd:

"On behalf of all the people in Texas and all of the people of ― if you look today and you see what’s happening, how horrible it is, but we have it under really great control ― Puerto Rico, and the people of Florida who have suffered over this last short period of time with the hurricanes. I want to just remember them."
"And we’re going to dedicate this trophy to all of those people that went through so much that we love, a part of our great state, really a part of our great nation."

A person in the crowd called shenanigans, and shouted out, "You don't give a sh*t about Puerto Rico!"

Many on Twitter felt similarly:

After all, a trophy isn't really all that helpful:

Or is it?

All in all, it was a typical tone deaf Trump moment.