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Joy Reid Launches Furious Twitter Rant Against Article On Las Vegas Mass Shooting

Journalist and MSNBC correspondent Joy Reid gave the ultimate smack down to conservative writer Larry O'Connor. He recently wrote an article for Mediaite criticizing Trevor Noah and James Corden for speaking out on gun control issues. The piece, titled, "Nothing More Infuriating Than Foreign-Born TV Stars Lecturing Americans On Gun Ownership" said that Noah and Corden couldn't possibly have a "fundamental understanding of the 2nd amendment" because they are not Americans.

Reid took to Twitter and roasted O'Connor:


Twitter users applauded Reid's sentiments:

As for the right-wing, gun-worshiping, NRA-loving nonsense? NOPE:

This person reenacted Reid's takedown of O'Connor with one GIF:

H/T: Twitter, Mediaite