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William B. Plowman/NBC/NBC NewsWire via Getty Images // Drew Angerer/Getty Images
Mika Brzezinski From 'Morning Joe' Just Slammed President Trump Over Puerto Rico
7 months ago

Since Donald Trump made personal attacks against Morning Joe cohosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski back in June, tensions between the three have been high. So, after Trump's response (or lack thereof) to Puerto Rico's escalating humanitarian crisis after Hurricane Maria, Brzezinksi couldn't hold her tongue. She compared Trump's inaction and verbal criticisms of Puerto Rico to his response to Charlottesville, when he blamed both sides instead of denouncing Neo-Nazis right off the bat.

Brzezinksi fired off this scathing tweet:

Brzezinksi joins a slew of other public figures who have called out Trump on his response to the relief effort, including George Takei, who was "disgusted," and Lin-Manuel Miranda, who told Trump he's "going straight to hell" after his Twitter criticism of San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz's "poor leadership."

Scarborough also lashed out at Trump:

Many reactions to Brzezinski's and Scarborough's tweets came from Trump supporters who felt that the liberal media was inaccurately portraying his response:

But plenty of others agreed with the cohost's sentiments:

Now we wait and see if President Trump cares more about the millions of lives at stake, or if he continues to simply attack anybody who criticizes him.