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Trump Slams San Juan Mayor, And All These Celebrities Fired Back On Her Behalf

After Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, San Juan Mayor Carmen Yulín Cruz reached out for help in an emotional plea that contradicted how "great" President Trump claimed the response had been. Cruz even equated the lack of action from the Trump administration to a form of genocide, not "a good news story," as many Puerto Rican citizens haven't had access to food, clean water, or electricity for over a week.

Trump attacked Cruz, calling her "nasty" and criticizing her leadership abilities in a series of tweets:


Hollywood wasn't about to let Trump get away with those comments in the midst of a humanitarian crisis, however. Several celebrities fired off tweets letting Trump know just how disgusting his behavior was.

Like George Takei:

And Lin-Manuel Miranda:

And John Legend:

And Lady Gaga:

After Trump fired off another "fake news" tweet:

Even Kim Kardashian was appalled:

But perhaps Michael Ian Black served up the most concise and accurate tweet for how many Americans feel right now:


H/T: Huffington Post, Twitter