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Drawing Made By President Trump Set To Go On Auction--And We're Not Buying It

Julien's Auctions of Los Angeles is auctioning one of Trump's rare pieces from 1995 in a new "Street, Contemporary, & Celebrity Art" collection for October 2017.

Get your checkbooks out kids, bidding begins online.... NOW! 


Donald Trump has been a sort of Renaissance man, this is undeniable. He has been involved in real estate, television, beauty pageants and now politics but, ART? Art so valuable it's been deemed "rare?" 

How could we have missed this incarnation?

The piece on the block is a 12 x 9-inch sketch of the Empire State Building, which the auction house describes as:

"A significant symbol of Trump’s ascent as a real estate mogul. He created the work during the opening of his Mar-a-Lago club and used it as an entry point into the Palm Beach social set by donating the piece for a charity auction at the ArtGras art fair in Palm Beach County." 

Originally it sold for less than $100, according to the auction house. However, currently it is appraised at nearly $12,000. 


$12,000.00? For a stenciled drawing on a piece of paper? And Mr. Trump has never touted this talent before while proudly and loudly listing all his other triumphs? Seems a little questionable, no? Though we have no proof; only his word and "iconic" pointed signature.


We may need to see some receipts. Until then who wants to start the bidding? Shall we say $1, going once? 

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