Pharrell Takes Two Knees During Concert In Solidarity With America's Athletes

Pharrell Takes Two Knees During Concert In Solidarity With America's Athletes
Updated 9 months ago

A star-studded lineup of musical talent brought "A Concert For Charlottesville" to the community devastated by the August white supremacist rally at the University of Virginia. The Dave Matthews Band, originally from Charlottesville, organized the benefit concert, which included performers such as Pharrell Williams, Ariana Grande, Justin Timberlake, and Chris Stapleton.

When Virginia native Pharrell Williams took the stage, he took both knees to stand up to President Trump:

I’m in Virginia right now, I’m home. Can’t nobody tell me what to do if I want to get on my knees right now.

And he wasn't the only one who took a knee:

Between songs, Pharrell said:

For the people of my city, for the people of my state, that’s what that flag is for. When I think about the potential of this country and the potential of this state, potential of these people, potential of this amazing university, there is only one word that I feel on the inside...

Pharrell then played his hit song "Happy."

At the end of the evening, Stevie Wonder said:

I’ve seen people killing people in churches, mosques and synagogues. I’ve seen hate marching down the street disguised as a cry for equality,” Wonder said. “If I can see it, damnit, I know you can. But see it! Not with the eyes. Feel it in your spirit, in your soul. The question is, what are we gonna do about it? What are we gonna do about it to make a difference? We must be the difference.

Wonder and Dave Matthews closed out the show with a moving rendition of "Imagine," followed by "Superstition."