Man Points Out The Irony Of People Who Are Screaming About Respecting The American Flag

Man Points Out The Irony Of People Who Are Screaming About Respecting The American Flag
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By Tom.
Updated 10 months ago

John Fugelsang, American actor, NYU graduate, television personality, comedian and outspoken political commentator is causing quite the stir with his Tweets. 

America is in turmoil over so many divisive topics right now. One of the MOST contentious battles is over the respect of the American flag and the acknowledgement of the flag for Southern pride; the Confederate flag. John Fugelsang, a liberal commentator and radio host for SiriusXM Insight had no issue speaking his thoughts on this sticky subject. 

For many, this brings forward uncomfortable questions. What do these flags really mean and why? What did they stand for then and how has that evolved? 

For many on both sides, when discussing the American flag you hear it's the ultimate beacon of the long fought war for freedoms. Though when these flags and this Nation were created many of it's people were NOT free. 

This homegrown war bleeds into the controversy surrounding the #takeaknee movement led by players of the NFL, which is being met with LOUD, divided vocal reactions.

It can all get very muddied and confusing and Mr. Fugelsang was making a valid point. The American flag is revered as a symbol of Unity, ONE NATION, under God. So one has to ask what is all the contention regarding the Confederate flag? Is it not a symbol of division? Does it not signal the separation of Country?

If those who support the Confederate flag are free to protest those who protest it, then why aren't those who don't support the American flag free to do the same? And to be clear it's not the flags being protested. It's the actions behind them and the right to take a stance on either side. 

And how is any of this creating an atmosphere for unity?

It just all makes you think, America....