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Another Trump White House Official Is Now Under Investigation For Expensive Travel

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin is under investigation for unethical use of taxpayer funds for travel expenses. Last month, Mnuchin used an Air Force jet to fly from Manhattan to Washington, D.C., an hour-long flight that cost $25,000. Earlier in August, he and his wife used a military jet for a "business trip" to Kentucky. Also in August, Mnuchin requested — and was denied — the use of a military jet for his European honeymoon. Mnuchin is reportedly worth $300 million.

So this isn't the first time Mnuchin has come under fire for costly flights, but will it be the last?

Taxpaying Twitter users were not amused:


Speaking of Tom Price, the health secretary is also under investigation for using private planes at least two dozen times since his appointment, costing taxpayers over $300,000.

Price is a very busy man with a tight schedule:


But the National Endowment for the Arts sent the U.S. into financial ruin, right?

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