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NFL Officially Distances Itself From President Trump With Official Statement After Racist Remarks

President Donald Trump has finally weighed in on protests which have erupted over the singing of the United States National Anthem at football games.

As expected, he did it in the most disrespectful and trite way humanly possible.

The president suggested that NFL coaches should kick protesting players off the field, and said that anybody who "disrespected the flag" should be "fired."

Roger Goodell, the Commissioner of the NFL, released a statement that made it clear without naming names that the NFL would not stand for the president's rhetoric.

Trump's comments, issued during a rally in Alabama while campaigning for Republican Senator Luther Strange, also told people to leave the game should they witness a protest happening. Prominent NFL players have largely condemned the president's statements.

We can only hope we survive these tumultuous times to make it to the next election and drive this fascist out of office.

H/T: HuffPost