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Female Reporter Points Out The Ridiculous Hypocrisy In The GOP’s Latest Healthcare Bill
8 months ago

The GOP doesn't want abortion, doesn't want to fund Planned Parenthood, and doesn't want kids to learn sex education in schools. Now, with their latest healthcare plan, it looks like they don't want to require insurance companies to cover pregnancy, newborn care, or birth control.

Gavin Newsom, California Lieutenant Governor and former Mayor of San Francisco, was the first to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples.

Newsom didn't hesitate to call out the GOP on their hypocrisy:

Then Lauren Duca, a columnist at Teen Vogue, retweeted Newsom and added her own two cents. She pointed out the GOP's hypocrisy in being anti-choice while pushing a healthcare plan that doesn't assist women with... well, with anything.

Duca's message was direct and on point:

Twitter was having none of this blatant disregard for women's health:

Apparently, some people want to pick and choose insurance coverage like toppings at a salad bar:

Luckily, Tim Schwaegler was there to point out that's not how insurance works:

H/T: Twitter