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Ann Coulter Just Called President Trump Unattractive And Undignified—And She Didn’t Stop There

The enemy of my enemy is... meh, they both suck. 

Ann Coulter may need to change the title of her book to, 'In Trump We Don't Trust.'  Coulter, who was like a rabid dog with a bone during the election to get Donald Trump into The Oval Office, has now dumped Trump and turned her affections to Mike Pence. 

The self-appointed spokesperson for the GOP appeared on Newsmax TV's Howie Carr Show and had this to say  about Trump:

 "If we're not getting a wall, we may as well have an attractive, dignified Republican there. We'll get better Supreme Court justices under Pence."  


When asked about the following tweet- 

Coulter had this to say:

 "There's no modification of that. What faction would be against that now? I mean, if we're not getting the wall, obviously Mike Pence would be better. It's not like we weren't aware of the massive personal baggage of Donald Trump." 

This quick turnabout from Coulter rises from Trump's decision to sideline the ending of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). Instead he chose to meet with Democrats to pass legislation protecting young people brought into the United States by their parents. Coulter is having none of it.

She wants the wall she was promised and she wants it now. Damnit!

"What did they chant at every rally for 18 months? 'Build the wall!' We thought he understood the urgency of this, but maybe we were wrong, maybe he doesn't seem to understand that." 

For the woman who titled a chapter in her book, "I Don't Want To Live In A World Without Trump," if she gets her wish in ousting him, Coulter may need to find new digs far out in distant space.

Here's your ride, Ann. 


All this flip-flopping has left Twitter in, well... a twitter.

But this user summed up what was really going on. 

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