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Donald Trump Jr. Just Gave Up His Secret Service Protection, And People Have Questions

Donald Trump Jr. Just Gave Up His Secret Service Protection, And People Have Questions
8 months ago

Donald Trump Jr. no longer wants Secret Service protection, sources confirmed on Monday. What hasn't been confirmed is why.

On a  trip to the Bahamas in June, Trump Jr. traveled, with his immediate family, aboard a private yacht for days without Secret Service protection. It seems now, the eldest son of the President wants to make it permanent. It's a decision in which the Secret Service strongly objects. 

 The Secret Service would not confirm or deny the request by Trump Jr. A spokesperson saying: 

"To ensure the safety and security of our protectees and their families we will not confirm who is currently receiving Secret Service protection."

There was one person willing to speak on the topic, Jonathan Wackrow, a former member of President Barack Obama’s detail, had this to say:

“In today’s global risk environment, waiving this detail poses great danger to him and to his family. What he is becoming potentially is a target of opportunity. People who want to lash out at the president are going to seek that path of least resistance. This decision is negligent.” 

Twitter users had a few ideas of why Trump Jr. would make such a decision. Many questioned the timing of Kellyann Conway's loss of USSS protection. 

Some people speculated it simply came down to money. With five children and nine grandchildren, jet setting around the globe, the Trump clan is costing taxpayers millions in Secret Security costs. 

As of now the Secret Service is protecting 42 people. Cha-Ching!

But some users, like Marvin and Dr. Benny BoomBots weren't buying the money story. 

One thing we always know for sure with this administration is that we will never now anything for sure.