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Photo by Drew Angerer-Getty Images
Reporter Digs Up Old President Trump Tweet About ESPN—And People Can’t Even
7 months ago

ESPN's Jemele Hill shared a tweet in which she called President Trump a white supremacist. Trump didn't like being criticized by a sportscaster, and he replied on Twitter, demanding an apology. Of course, one thing we know to be consistent about Trump is his inconsistency, so it was just a matter of time before someone found an old Trump tweet that contradicted the new Trump tweet.

Here's the recent exchange:

Enter Matt Pearce, a correspondent for the LA Times. Pearce found a 2013 Trump tweet about ESPN's Brent Musburger, who had made sexist comments about A.J. McCarron's girlfriend, Katherine Webb. ESPN issued an apology.

Trump wasn't so crazy about that "politically correct" apology:

Pearce shared Trump's old tweet:

And Twitter nearly exploded from the hypocrisy of it all:

A lot of Twitter users were scratching their heads:

It's like the worst reality TV show EVER.

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