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Old Donald Trump Tweet Insult Comes Back From The Past To Bite Him
7 months ago

A reporter dug up an old insult from Trump's archive of over 35,000 tweets that pretty much sums up the President.

CNN's Andrew Kaczynski pointed out Trump's penchant for stream of consciousness tweeting:

Trump's attack on Obama held more relevance for Trump himself, especially with recent discussions of protecting the Dreamers under the DACA plan, and more times spent on the golf course than in the White House.

With so much in common, it's surprising 45 isn't teeing off with Obama in Pebble Beach.

The internet loved how Trump's criticism of Obama came back to haunt him:

Twitter finds it hard to believe that Trump has something to say for every occasion:

Theorizing about Trump's tweet is a game where everyone is a winner:

Unlike fine wine, Trump's tweets do not age well. But Reddit user "BlatantConservative" saw the tweets as an important device for people to gauge the President's credibility. 

He told NBC News:

If anti-Trump material comes from a news agency or a political opponent, the human mind is going to rationalize and explain it away as fake or biased news ... If anti-Trump material comes from Trump himself, they have to choose whether they believe he's a liar, forgetful, or even if he's doing the wrong thing.