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Representative Maxine Waters Slams Jeff Sessions In Brutal Tweet

Representative Maxine Waters just served Jeff Sessions a warm piece of humble pie. 

It sucks having a terrible boss. No one knows this better than Jeff Sessions. Since recusing himself from the Russia investigation, Sessions has repeatedly been the pet whipping boy for Donald Trump. He's been berated, called an idiot, turned in his resignation only to have it denied and publicly humiliated. But if Sessions is looking for sympathy, he's not getting it from Maxine Waters. 

Waters recently sent out this tweet to Sessions. 

Waters was referring to claims from the 1980's when Sessions was accused of calling a black attorney "boy," while also referring to the NAACP as "un-American." 

Waters wasn't the only one holding back the sympathy. Twitter had some choice words too. 

And as always, Maxine Waters is - 

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