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Amanda Edwards/Getty Images
Video Of Donald Trump Bragging That His Tower Is Now The Tallest On 9/11 Re-Emerges Online

Many New Yorkers who saw the devastation of 9/11 firsthand wondered what was going through the mind of President Trump, who lived in NYC at the time, as firefighters dug through the rubble in search of survivors.

A video clip from a newscast on the day of the attack answers that question:

On September 11, Trump bragged to a news anchor that, because of the attacks, his building was now the tallest in downtown Manhattan.

Some people pointed out that Trump's brag, aside from being sickening, wasn't even true:

Others remembered how Trump took advantage of money for small businesses, though his buildings were seemingly unharmed:

Though Trump cashed in on the grants, Politifact rates the corruption claim half-true, since he met the compensation criteria:

Long before this clip surfaced, many had already noticed a pattern when Trump speaks to victims of tragedy:

The clip, which would be a career-ending piece of evidence for any other politician, will likely have no effect on Trump's conservative base. 

Regardless, many wonder how a person witnessing such destruction could speak about the height of their building:

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