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Drew Angerer/Getty Images
Justice Department Admits Trump Lied About Obama Wiretap—Fox News Covered It For 30 Seconds
8 months ago

In early March, President Trump made headlines by controversially tweeting that his predecessor, Barack Obama, had "wire-tapped" Trump Tower during the campaign to spy on him. Though the President never once offered any evidence in support of his claim, he also refused to back down from it, insisting some form of monitoring had taken place illegally for months afterward. Though the President's statements were easily identifiable as lies, the pro-Trump pundits at Fox News, always eager to bash on Barack Obama, jumped behind the empty charge with such enthusiasm they nearly caused an international incident.

This past weekend, however, the Department of Justice released some news that's pretty embarrassing for Fox:

Cue the gasps! It turns out there was never any evidence Trump Tower was wiretapped and President Trump was just lying. But after almost incessant coverage of the "wiretapping" after President Trump's accusation, Fox decided to cover the DOJ's admission that there was no truth to the claims with one 30-second spot during a Saturday-night news brief.

CNN's Jake Tapper highlighted just how uncomfortable this news is for Fox:

Make no mistake, this information is embarrassing. It's embarrassing because the president said something that wasn't true at all and the federal government knew it wasn't true back in March when [then-FBI director James] Comey testified, and your taxpayer dollars keep being used to investigate this fiction. The Trump administration has made any number of attempts to try to force the claim into somewhere near the possibility of a neighborhood of maybe true. ... But the bottom line is and always has been there is no evidence that Donald Trump was wiretapped by Barack Obama. It was and continues to be a lie, and no holiday weekend Friday night document dump is going to cover that up.

Some critics are arguing that after they so ardently defended Trump's false claim, Fox News has the greatest obligation to correct any misconceptions they may have planted in the minds of the American people. It seems, however, that this correction is not forthcoming.