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President Trump Slams Republican Lawmakers In Accusatory Tweetstorm

President Trump Slams Republican Lawmakers In Accusatory Tweetstorm
9 months ago

President Trump blasted off a series of unfiltered tweets, attacking GOP senators for letting the Democrats "totally control the U.S. Senate" and said that the Republicans senators "look like fools."

It doesn't look like the filibuster reform would change anything for the Republicans. 

Because ever part of the repeal that has failed in the Senate is not just due to Democrats. Republican lawmakers he also voted against the reforms, causing the repeal to not pass successfully through the Senate.

President Trump, you do remember that you're a Republican, right?

Are these tweets hinting that he has given up on healthcare reform?

These tweets definitely show a lack of support to the Republicans still working on a repeal bill:

This has been an interesting week for Republicans. 

First the President sent out this furious tweet storm and now is siding with Democratic senators on a hurricane relief bill. 

Looks like the President is having a hard time choosing sides:

The biggest mystery still remains why does Trump continually blame a handful of Democratic lawmakers for blocking his party from passing a health care reform bill, even though his party, the Republicans, control both chambers of Congress? 

I guess we will have to wait for another Twitter rampage for an answer to that.