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Video Of Donald Trump Defending DACA Comes Back To Bite Him

Video Of Donald Trump Defending DACA Comes Back To Bite Him
Updated 9 months ago

Through Attorney General Jeff Sessions, President Trump announced he will be ending the DACA immigration program within the next six months. The program, which protects young people brought illegally into the U.S. by their parents, currently helps around 800,000 individuals. People on both sides of the political aisle have condemned the decision. 

If only an influential conservative would make a public statement in favor of DACA—like Trump did in 2011:

CNN investigative reporter Andrew Kaczynski tweeted several old clips of President Donald Trump supporting DACA. In this first one, he was actually asked (in an especially ironic twist) to comment on then-presidential candidate Mitt Romney's change in stance on immigration from 2008. Trump spoke favorably of Dreamers, commenting:

You ask Michele [Bachmann] to actually, physically go across the street and tell the family of 25 years to get out of this country, she wouldn’t do it because she’s a good person.

Trump also said:

This isn’t conservative. This is compassion.

In another clip found deep in the NBC archives, Trump makes an impassioned defense of DACA:

You have people in this country for 20 years, they’ve done a great job, they’ve done wonderfully, they’ve gone to school, they’ve gotten good marks, they’re productive — now we’re supposed to send them out of the country? I don’t believe in that.

When it comes to keeping up with Trump's lies and hypocrisies, one thing is certain:

Some people think Trump is playing political games with the lives of young people:

Some people are reminding Trump that his own grandfather was an immigrant:

Trump should listen to Trump. If there's one person the President respects above all others, it's himself: